Games & Movies

Parental Preferences: We are aware that standards vary from family to family. Our goal is to provide what is acceptable to most. Please review the notes below. If you have any particular concern for your child regarding Games or Movies, please let us know. Although we may not be able to guarantee your preferences because of the nature of our program and facility, we will try our best to accommodate you and would be happy to discuss any of your concerns.

Game Note: We have kid-friendly games, including Play Station, the Wii, and computers. We have nothing that we consider violent. We do have a Jurassic Park dinosaur attack game which we believe is acceptable. Kids may sign up to play on electronic games and computers and take turns. Normally there is a 15-20 min. rotation monitored by the care giver. Kids have no internet access to the internet.

Movie Note: Most of our movies are Rated G or PG. However, there are some PG movies that we will not permit in our facility. Because we have two movie areas, we frequently show two movies at once, one for the interest of older children and one for younger children, or one for the girls and one for the boys. However, it is possible that a younger child may view either.

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