Brain Gym®

Brain Gym® Educational Kinesiology

“The addition of Brain Gym® exercises can be an asset to our students in a variety of areas.  We have had the privilege of working with a certified Brain Gym® Instructor to gain knowledge of how educational kinesiology can benefit our students  to help make all types of learning easier, especially academics.    Brain Gym® can be used to help brain-integration mechanisms needed for learning.    Specific movements are understood to target certain learning & behavioral areas (i.e., concentration, reading, math, speech, writing, spelling, listening & reading comprehension, memory, coordination, balance, spatial awareness, vision, energy, dyslexia, social behavior, organization & much more), and can help move kids through challenges in learning.    I have personally seen the positive results of Brain Gym® first hand with my son’s handwriting and reading level, which increased significantly after exercises!

“I believe that with the increase of electronic toys, learning can be affected.    Brain Gym® may help prevent & reverse learning challenges and disabilities.    Children need to move, and Brain Gym helped my son then focus, sit, comprehend, and learn.    Our goal is to use fun Brain Gym exercises before preschool lessons & after school homework time to enhance the learning potential of our Bright Meadow & Kool Kids students!    Brain Gym® has been researched for many, many years, and I encourage you to visit the website below!    Kids’ grades may improve, and kids can do the movements to help themselves!”    

– Shirley Norlin, Director of Bright Meadow and Kool Kids

For information on Brain Gym® and its creators, please CLICK HERE.

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